Server Problems

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My server has been trying to fix "something" since last Sunday. When we finally got through on the phone, we got an automated recording that said a line was cut. There's no idea when it will be fixed. We have periods that it will work normal but it's always short lived. It takes forever for pages to load...and to post. Other times nothing will load at all.

It sucks being cut off from my friends. I hope you're all okay. I'm trying to keep up.
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  1. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Oh, sorry to hear it Abbasgirl. Computers and servers can be such a pain sometimes. And when it happens, our lives and connections are put on hold sometimes.

    Sorry you're cut off from us....we miss you....but thanks for letting us know what's up. I'll try this.....*she sends extra strong positive thoughts straight to your server....and gives it a kick in the a$$..*

    Seriously, hope things get fixed for you soon. Till then, be well and take care.


  2. abbasgirl's Avatar
    Thank you Lori!

    I need to tell you my problems more often. It took the server a while to repair the problem but they gave us two week's credit on our bill! You go girl! Kick it again! Lol.