Just Checkin In...

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Went to San Francisco last weekend! Had a blast! No pains either... woohoo!

I've been doing really well. Labs are still normal, and I'm now down to 10mg of prednisone! I couldn't be happier about that. And my rheumatologist said I can lower by 1mg every 2 weeks until I am prednisone-no-more (so long as I don't have any problems, but I am VERY optimistic about this!)

I'm expecting a slight flare in a day or so, as I always get when I lower prednisone, as my body adjusts. Should only last a day though.

I'm a little concerned though. I stopped taking birth control in the middle of March and I have not had a single period since. I know it can take awhile when you first go off BC... but how long is it ok before I need to start worrying about this?
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