Today was a good doctor day!

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I went to see my new pcp today. It was so productive and hopeful and CARING! Hubby and I both left there feeling so ARMED.

She is going to set me up an appt with a neuro she knows of. She said he's known to work with his patients. She's also setting up an appt with a gastro to look into my trouble swallowing. She wrote me a new script for oxy and wants me to try lysine capsules. She also wants me to try CoQ10, a heart vitamin that's known to help with head pain. She also wants me to try riboflavin. And she wants me to buy that supplement you can get with the calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D all included. She suggested I try eating the more expensive yogurts because they have better quality probiotics in them. And she suspects I have fibromyalgia. That's the first I've heard any of my doctors say that so I was a bit shocked to hear it.

We had a nice long chat about all this... she went into details for me about anything I asked. She wants to see me again next month to do my labs and keep tabs on things, but if I need to see her sooner to come on in. To rush in if I break out in a rash anywhere other than my face. She said she can't do a biopsy of my face.

I still cannot get over this doctor... that she gave me her cell phone number still has me floored!

My hematologist called with results of the brain scan and blood tests for clots. Everything came out okay but she wants to run more tests. She said it's odd that one blood test is positive and one is negative. I told her I'd pass that info along to my new pcp. I'm not going back to the hema's care. Her first words to me over the phone the other day were an argument! There was not even a hello, how are you, or anything like that. Just, "I tried to call you but you have no answering machine? Why?" I told her I can't afford one because I've got a lot of doctor bills to pay! That's the most defensive doctor I've ever met. I think she'd argue with a stop sign! She told me to take an aspirin each day anyways but if I'm in the clear about clotting I don't see why. Well, at least she had good news to tell me and I'm glad I don't have to deal with her anymore. At least I think it was good news. The brain scan was definitely good news.

So that's what's up here. I'm feeling purty good about having a great pcp!
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