Cheddar's Hat

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My cat friends and the twitter contest. My friend were putting their cats in the #pawpawty contest on own twitter. They wanted me to put my cat (Cheddar) in it. I found out it was a costume contest. I was like how do you get a cat to wear a costume !!! I told my friend. She blog me a message on twitter about how to get a costume. She gave me a web sight address. I went to the site. It was called pik a pimp.!!! I thought some name. I started looking at the stuff. Some of it was out there. I didn't know if I wanted to order it or not. But there were no prices. I wondered what I got Cheddar into!!! Next I saw were you down load your picture to the site. So I did that. Then you drag the accessories to the pic. The only thing I thought was appropriate was the raddit ears or the hat. Obviously I chose the hat. So my cat appears to be wearing a pimp hat. And that probably that's only way I'll be able to get a hat on him.

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  1. Beckey Lapp's Avatar
    There is another site for pictures, I can't get on twitter right now so I can't give you the exact address, but it is called Jib Jab. BuddythePuggy uses it for all his pictures.
  2. wrightrs's Avatar
    Beckey L.,Thanks I would like another place to find things. pikipimp.com is very limited. And doesn't fit Cheddar's style.