June 1st, 2009

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Heyy Everyone! Happy JUNE! i can't believe its alreadyyy this month! time is going by soo fast! ughh! haha

only two more weeks of school, and i am done! yayy! !
but now the biggest things of the year are coming up.
i present my grad project, which is soo big because it determines if i'll graduate next year or not, [[ well that and my grades of course...haha]]
and then next week, i have finals. blahhh
the thing i dread the most. but then its summer vacation!!
i'm not really worried about my grades, except in gym, of all classes because my teacher is soo ridiculous with grades. i miss her class alot because of early dissmissles.... since i have doctor appointments that you have to make during school hours since my doctors are so busy all the time
last quarter i was literally failing, and i had to do like 12 extra credit assignments, yet it only brought me up to a C, which is upsetting since its GYM. helllloooo easy A!
and right now, i have no idea what i have in that class.... and im going to miss the class today because i have an appointment with my nephrologist, which i hope goes well! haha

but oh well, im not even going to stress over it.

i hope you all have a great dayy!!!

Luv Ya!
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  1. dsunshine's Avatar
    Ashley...glad to hear your in good always! Yes gym teachers do go overboard a lot! Did you explain or have your parents explain your condition to the teacher or counselor so perhaps you could get alternative assignments in lieu of the physical when you miss days? Some people just have no compassion until something happens to them! Well...I wish you much luck on your finals and your grad project which I am sure you don't need...but luck any way!
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Oh good luck and soon it'll be over then HAPPY HOLIDAYS...yipeeeeeee.xxxxx
  3. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    yeah all of the teachers recieved a note from the hospital explaining my condition, when i was first diagnosed. and she has the nerve to say ''she understands what im going through'' nooo you really don't. and if you did, you wouldn't be failing me! mann its so frustrating ! haha

    but thanks for wishing me luck!! i mean, my project is on lupus, soo its something that i know ALOT about. soo hopefully i breeze thru!
  4. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    You know you should have said that to her.But you'll be so impressive on this project THEN she'll understand...she doesnt understand at all.Goodluck!! xxxxx