May 19, 2009

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Heyy Everyone! so i'm pretty excited today. i'm going to kennywood with my physics class for physics day! its alot of fun there, especially when you go with your friends! but mann my morning did not start off good. i brought a bottle of water with me into school because my mom told me to, so i dont get dehydrated at kennywood cuz its supposed to be pretty warm today. so i brought it in, and usually they don't say anything to me, but today they took it from me and THREW IT AWAY! because teq. we're not allwowed to bring in like food or drinks, but its for a medical reason. but she didn't even give me time to like think to say anything, by the time i saw what she did, it was too late. so i flipped on her! i said that i needed it because my pills make me easy dehydrated but she just said, ''you can't bring it in'' soo i'm gonna have my mom call and complain about it because its not fair to me. i can't help the condition i'm in. and for her to just throw it away like that, is just not right.
i definetly just vented there, haha

well anywho, i'm just excited to have a fun day ! :]
i hope everyone has a great day todayy!!

Luv Ya!
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  1. dsunshine's Avatar
    Mean people suck! I get rules are rules but at least she could have heard you out and let you explain. Sometimes people with authority take it to their head and become drunk with power. I hope your mom goes off and they know not to even look your way next time. I do hope you had a wonderful time in spite of a ruff morning.
  2. wrightrs's Avatar
    So sorry she should have talked with you about it instead a just throwing it away. I guess they worry about whats in the bottle. But she didn't handle it right.