May 17th, 2009

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Heyy Everyone!
i hope you all have been doing ok! i've been pretty good, except for this stupid sore throat that i have! i've had it since yesterday and its bothering me sooo much! my voice sounds soo scary! haha
it better go away, because i have a pretty busy week! between trying to finish up my graduation project, going on school trips, and everything else, i dont have time to be sick! haha

im soo excited because on thursday me and my mom are going to this meeting for a LUPUS WALK that is coming to pittsburgh this fall. i was soo excited when i heard about it!!! i'm definetly going to get everybody i know to walk in it, try to make as much money as possibleee!

hope you all have a great dayy!

Luv Ya!
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  1. dsunshine's Avatar
    Hi Ashley,
    Hope you sore throat goes away asap. You do need your strength and health for not just this week but to finish up your senior year! I am sure with your attitude you will be up and running tomorrow morning. I am pulling for you!
  2. lucky7's Avatar
    HOORAY for you and your mom Ashley!!! Thats GREAT HUN!!!! Take care of yourself and get better!!!! XXXXXXXXXXX