I feel so achey today :(

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A few days ago my rheumatologist said I could lower my prednisone to 12.5mg! Yay! But today, about 3 days later, I feel very achey. My feet, knees, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, pretty much EVERYWHERE hurts! I went to the gym this morning thinking it might help but it just made me feel worse. This sucks because I have a lot planned for today. I'm going out to lunch with my dad and then we're going shopping for a new BBQ, which I've wanted for a VERY long time. Then I was going to BBQ tonight for everyone. I also have a ton of homework to do this evening.

I hope this passes and that it's just my body "adjusting" to the lower dosage. I'm willing to deal with the pain if that's what I must do to get off prednisone, that's for sure.
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