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This is my first blog, not sure how this works.
Im 40yrs old and just found out last week that I have lupus I really started showing syptoms in june-july of "08" pnumonia, plurisy a rash on my face and in November the body aches. I am very frustrated at the medical field, all my test but one were coming out negitive but contuine to hurt. I feel sorry for people that don't work in the medical field and don't have a lot of knowledge about it. The rheumotologist at were I worked insisted that I don't have Lupus nor do I have anything wrong with me. I finally went to Cleveland Clinic and got the news that I did have Lupus. It's almost a relief at least now I can be treated.
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    sorry you have Lupus but i so understand what you mean about the relief....and now can be treated.Welcome to this site.Post a thread in louri s lounge so others can come and say hello.Ask anything.We will all support you through this.
  2. rob's Avatar
    Hi Shawnie,

    I'm Rob, and I'm a moderator here. As Angel Oliver mentioned, if you post in the public areas of the website such as "Lauri's Lounge", or "New Members-Introduce Yourself", you will get many more responses that way. This blog area is your own personal space, an the only way people will see what you write is if they choose to come here. In the public areas everyone will see what you post. Welcome to our group!

  3. dsunshine's Avatar
    Hi Shawnie,
    Read your blog. Sorry you had to go through almost a year of test only to ultimately be told you have Lupus. I am sure it is a relief now that you have a name to all that you went through. I really hope you get the medicine and get on the road to remission. Welcome to the site and very soon you will find this a 2nd home with answers and lots of understanding as I do everyday!
  4. shawnie's Avatar
    Hi Rob,

    Not sure how to move around this site, I thought i got on laurie's lounge not sure how i did that.
  5. shawnie's Avatar
    Thanks very much for writing back. I just can't believe how many people suffer from lupus, and how many people go without a diagnoses. I just started plaquenil and vegaterian diet. I feel I would do anything to feel better at this point.

    Thanks again