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Why is it that I can't get through not even one holiday without ending up in bed? I know it is the stress but I thought Mother's Day was different. It was all low keyed we just went out to lunch with my in-laws. Then we went shopping at a store that is closing and then my husband had a job to do at Wal Mart. Maybe it was the stress, maybe I did too much, maybe it was the heat, I don't know! I am just so irratated that something so small can put me right back in bed!!!!!!!! I hate limitations especially when it doesn't seem like I did that much at all!
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  1. jrkgaspar's Avatar
    I know how you feel. It is so frustrating to get so tired by doing so little. I have had lupus for 22 years and only lately I have had a lot more issues with fatigue and struggling with small things. Hang in there. Just look to the positive.
  2. wrightrs's Avatar
    I think the holidays are stressful for people with lupus and vacations too. I read about it all the time in Lupus Now and Arthritis Today. I'm still stressed from my vacation.