May 10th, 2009

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Heyy Everyone!
i hope all you moms on here had a GREAT mothers day!
wow i had a crazy day at work! i was surprised with Reception Desk training. it was definetly a BIG change from what i usually do! it was soo confusing and pretty overwhelming, but it was cool. i was incharge of the zoo kinda! but i had help of course.
i kept having lupus issues tho! like relaying numbers and such, i kept mixing them up!! but it was ok. they understood. hahah
i feel really priveledged because my boss picked me out of the whole department to do that job! i feel special :]
this weekend went by so fast! back to school tomorrow.....
i can't believe school is almost over. its crazy to even think about that !

well thats it for now!
Luv Ya !
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  1. Beckey Lapp's Avatar
    You sound like such an awesome girl. Just remember your boss picked you and every new job feels overwhelming at first. You will be fine and soon you will be the one who knows the reception desk. Nobody starts a new job knowing how to do it. Give yourself time to learn.
    Good Luck,