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So many diagnosis

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Lupus is only one of my diagnosises. I also have fibromyagia, arthritis and some as yet diagnosis to come. Eights weeks ago my knee started bothering me so much I could not go down stairs right. I had to hold on and go down sideways leading with the knee that didn't hurt so bad. It popped and made a grinding sound, when I told the doctors they all told me I need to lose weight (which is true) but I knew that wasn't the cause. The same thing happens to both knees when I've been taken off my plaquenil. I told my rhuemotologist that I thought we should increase my plaquenil, thank god this dr. listens to me. He increased it and the pain decreased to almost none. I still need to lose weight, but that had nothing to do with my knee. I'm in water aerobics and I am trying to lose weight. The doctors. don't seem to understand that I need to be able to get up and not hurt so bad I can't move to be able to do real cardio exercise. I hate when People in general look at my weight and in their minds it can be nothing else but lose weight, because that's an easy answer (not the right one totally) but the easy one. I'm one of those people who have the one in a million side effects, my body doesn't follow the rules written down in a medical book, I am a puzzle that doctors have to use their brain and look outside the box for answers. We try to tell doctors this and they automatically assume that I just want attention. They try to prove that I am a textbook case and in trying to prove that they discover that I'm not a textbook case. It just wastes so much time that could have been used in a more productive way. I hate that my body is this way! I wish I were a textbook case and there were easy answers, the most unfortunate part is I have passed this tendancy on to my son.
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  1. rob's Avatar
    Hey there Beckey,

    Lupus isn't my only diagnosis either. One year ago I learned that I also have MS. Two autoimmune diseases for the price of one, what a deal (not).

    You know, people seem to think they know so much about us by the way we look. For you, it's weight. For me, I get all sorts of grief because I DON'T look sick. I'm rather tall, and have always been in good shape, and people look at me like "what the hell is his problem, he's not really sick". If they only knew the turmoil that goes on inside. Brain fog, nerve damage, joint pain, it's all there.

    There is no such thing as a textbook case with Lupus. It's effects are as individual as the person who has them. For a Dr. to blame your problems on weight, is unprofessional, and a total cop-out. Don't let them get to you. You know yourself, and you know that while dropping a few pounds might not be a bad thing, those extra pounds are not the cause of your problems. You're not looking for attention. You are looking for answers, and a Dr./Rheumo who will do their damn job and help you. Anyway, this blog entry really got my attention, because I know what you are going through.

    I hope you are having a better day today. I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing.