May 9th, 2009

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Heyy Everyone! how have you all been???
wheww i had a busy weekend so far, but a fun one! i went to the drive in last night....started to fall asleep on the 2nd movie, but i pulled thru it haha ! the movies were ''ghosts of girlfriends past'' and ''17 again'' they were both really good!
today, i went to Kennywood, which is an amusement park by my house.
it looked like it was gonna rain at first, but it ended up being a really nice day! it was windy tho. i almost got blown over!!! hahaha
i have to work 2morrow...blahh but at least its only til 3:30. then i get to spend the rest of the day with my mommmyyy :] we're making her dinner and i got her a giftcard for the tanning salon...soo i know she'll like that ! i hope you all have a greatttt day tomorrow [[since today is kinda over...haha]] and i hope all you moms out here have a nice mothers day!
Luv Ya!
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