It just keeps getting better!!!

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A lot has happened since I last posted in here... and it's all good! The day after my last appointment with my rheumatologist, I went to see another rheumatologist up at UCLA. He pretty much reassured me that my rheumatologist was doing the right thing in terms of my treatment, and he was extremely impressed with my progress as he was looking at my lab results over the course of the last several months. I was also able to participate in a few studies they were conducting at UCLA. They didn't require me to take any new drugs or anything, I just had to give some extra vials of blood. It felt pretty good to be contributing to lupus research!

Over the weekend I went to Las Vegas with one of my good friends and my family. I had so much fun and never experienced any pain! I felt like I used to feel and I was able to do everything I used to do! I was able to walk all up and down the Strip and stay out until 4am partying just like the good ol' days. It felt good to actually feel MY AGE again!

We saw Chippendales on Friday night, which was really fun and something totally "Vegas" that we wanted to take advantage of. Haha. The physically perfect men even came out into the audience and danced with us. So much fun

Then on Saturday night we saw LOVE!!! It was incredible! I love the Beatles and watching Cirque du Soleil's interpretation of some of their classics was a real treat. And it was just so impressive visually. I definitely don't think the tickets should have cost as much as they did ($140), especially since Zumanity (which we saw on the last trip) was just as good and only cost $80! But what are you gonna do?

Okay... back to more lupus talk now! I just went to see the nephrologist this morning and guess what! My lab results have improved even more!!! The protein levels in my urine are completely in the NORMAL range now! I'm like a normal human again! This feels incredible. He was telling me that if my results remain at this level for another 2 months, then we can probably take me off CellCept and switch me to Imuran instead. I don't know anything about Imuran other than what he told me... he said that it would be more of a maintenance drug that is not nearly as strong as CellCept.

The only bad part about my appointment this morning is that I found out I've gained quite a bit of weight (hopefully from the steroids and not from my habits, lol). I'm hoping my rheumatologist will decrease the prednisone again now that my labs have improved even more. I think I should give her a call and ask.

I've been feeling so good lately that it feels like remission might be just around the corner...!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Im sooooooooooooo happy for you Tasha....oh Chippendales wow. Im sure the admin man here has something to do with cirque de sol thing...may be mistaken.But so glad you enjoyed had fun pain free.Yipeeeeee.so happy for you.xxxxxxxxxx
  2. Rastagirl's Avatar
    So happy to hear your good news. Love to hear about the good stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed with you for that remission. Hugs, Lori