April 28th, 2009

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Heyy Everyone!
so its nice outside again!! yay!
shame i gotta sit in this school, hahaha. and we have testing. blahh!
im kinda upset cuz my school is doing a blood drive- and they said that i could donate, since my blood levels are up again, and that central blood bank accepts blood from people with lupus. but because i take methotrexate, i can't. you have to wait 4 weeks after your last dosage to donate, and i take it once a week. soo i can't.
shame too because it said that one persons blood can save up to] 3 lives !
oh well...i guess its for my best interest that i dont donate anyways....

mann...i don't want to test, but i have to. i'm going to take a nap in between them! because im sleeeeepy. and i dont even know why! haha

hope you all have a good day!

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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hey you can do it another time,maybe in the future so dont you worry,just get better.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx