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I will start with the Lupus
I was first diagnosed with discoid lupus about 16 years ago.
After a few years I started having other symptoms, arthritis, achy and tired all the time, pleurisy. first I was told I had rheumatoid arthritis. But after many office visits (years) I was diagnosed with SLE, that was 10 years ago. I was put and prednisone and plaquinal. I'm still on plaquinal, was on prednisone for about 4 years. Now I have been having a flare for about a year an a 1/2 and was put back on prednisone. I was told to go on immurane, but have not started it yet. I don't really want to.
I still go to work everyday so I feel it is not needed at this point. But anyhow my main complaints are arthritis, achy, muscle weakness, face sores. The prednisone has helped so far, hopefully I wont need to stay on it too long.
About Me:
I am married and have been for 26 years, I have 5 kids from 26 to 16. Two boys and three girls, in that order. I also have 2 grandsons, 19 mths and 14 mths.
I live on a farm with 5 horses, 3 goats, two cats, and 6 dogs (way to many).
My husband raises pigs and crop farms, I help when I can. I am fortunate though, the pigs are on another farm (pee you)!
I work at the local school and am the head cook, I think the job takes to much out of me. But at least I get the summers off.
I used to ride horse often but don't do so much anymore, I find it easier to ride my 4 wheeler.
I like hiking when I'm able and working in my flower gardens.

So in a nut shell thats about me

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