April 23rd, 2009

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Heyy Everyone! havent written in here in a few days so i figured since i have the time that i would!
i've been feeling really good since my prednisone has been lowered to 20 mg.
so thats a sigh of relief! i dont ever want to go back up on it!
i am so happy because the weather is finally getting nice! ...its about time! ITS ALMOST MAY!!
2morrow is going to be 75 degrees! and saturday is supposed to be 85!!! :]
shame i have to work, but at least i'll be outside! haha.
things have just been going really good. i've managed to stay on Honor Roll in school throughout all of this !
and i've finally got a definete thing of what i want to do when i graduate.
i want to go to college to become a social worker that works with kids with autoimmune diseases.
i think it would be best because i could really relate to the kids, since well, i am a kid with an autoimmune disease. i just want to do the most i can for kids like me. and also i want to definetly try to raise awareness of Lupus. i want everybody to know what it is and what it does to you because not everybody is aware of it!
i hope everyone has a GREAT day! :]
Luv Ya!
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  1. Saysusie's Avatar
    So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hopethat you will not have to up your Prednisone dosage. Congratulations on the honor roll!!! I admire your strength and I think that your goal to work with children is also admirable!
    Best of Luck
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Yes glad your feeling better.Wow what good weather you have its 55 here.But at least you''l be out even though you are working.Is it with the animals? Oh Congrats on the honour roll.Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.xxxxxxx
  3. tasha's Avatar
    congrats on staying on the honor roll!!! and i think your career plans sound wonderful!