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Hey everyone, i thought i would write my very first blog and tell you all about myself.

Well firstly the reason i am here is SLE with involvement of the skin and blood. I was diagnosed around 3 months ago on the 24th Feb.

I was first admited to hospital on my 17th birthday and then re-admitted on my mums birthday. All in all February was a huge nightmare. I miss the first 5 weeks of year 11 and just wanted life to get back to normal.

Currently i am on prednisone (cut down from 37.5mg and now at 15mg), plaquenil and finally fosmax. I am trying very hard to get used to all of these but so far it is proving difficult.

Since then my life has not been the same. Thankfully i have now started to do the things i love agin like dancing and acting. However i am certainly not so used to taking things so slowly. I have found a new love for reading as this is one of the only things i have been able to do recently without getting too tired. Over the past 3 months i have also collected heaps of DVD's and this has turned into a hobby.

Whilst i was in hospital they ran heaps of test and they did a fuw ultrasounds. I was suprised to learn that my ovaries are nowhere to be seen and that i will not be able to have children. This has been the hardest thing for me to deal with so far.

It was a huge relief for me to find this site. Support was certainly lacking for my friends so i am glad to have found people who can relate to me.

Feel free to message me if you need support and i will do my best to give advice.



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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hi Hazel,

    Oh im sorry to hear about your very tough time and sad news.And yes, we all forget and hate the fact we have to take life slower than we are used too.But you know what, just listen to your body and when it says rest,just maybe have a lie down for half an hour...what a difference it can make...even just to lie and switch off your mind,maybe just look out the window,listen to the birds.
    Friends........we've all been there,been let down....got the tshirt.But you have got so many friends on WHL.So welcome and you post and we will send you messages of support and maybe have a giggle through the tough times too.

    Sending you gentle hugs Hazel.
  2. Saysusie's Avatar
    We are all so happy that you found us and that you've joined us. I'm sorry that you've had to suffer so. But, remember, you are not alone! We are here and we all understand!
    Thank You for posting your story!
  3. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    omg! your so strong to even be able to handle what you were told about your ovaries! im so sorry to hear that! :[
    when i was in the hospital, i also had ultrasounds, i had an echocardiogram and a CT scan. blahhhh.
    thanks for sharing your story! and we're all happy that this site is around, its such a relief to have people to talk to!