Happiness and Frustrations

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My trip to Yosemite was boat loads of fun!! I got over my sickness just in time for it, and though I still had a minor cough, it didn't effect me too much while on the trip. And Lupus didn't really effect me too much either which I am very grateful for! I was able to do all the hiking. We even went on a 7 mile round trip hike which was strenuous uphill the entire way for 3.5 miles until we reached the top of Nevada Falls and then turned around to come back down. We saw 2 waterfalls on that hike... Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. I will post some pictures once I am no longer lazy

When I got home I got all my grades in for this semster! Four A's! I didn't even get a single A- for the first time EVER since I started college I hope this means I picked the right field!

I do have some frustrations at the moment, however, mostly with my rheumatologist. I'm getting so frustrated at her lack of explaining things to me. I went to see my chiropractor last week and he wanted to know what medications I was on so I told him. I also bring in copies of my labs to him so that he knows what he's dealing with. When I told him I was on Lipitor he got pretty upset. He explained my lab results to me and about how my LDL/HDL ratio is 2.3, which means I'm at an extremely low risk for heart disease. He said there is NO WAY I should be on Lipitor because, for one thing I don't need to be on it, and for another, it can cause me problems with my muscle functioning. Why the heck did my rheumatologist put me on it??? I'm glad I have an appointment with her on Tuesday so that I can ask her this and then see if I can stop taking it.

She also recently increased my CellCept to 2,500mg with no explanation other than there was blood in my urine, which there has been since my very first urinalysis. So what is the difference this time? She just had her nurse call me and tell me to increase my dose. I told the nurse I would really like an explanation before I just increase it. She said OK, she would ask the doctor. She then called me back and said that the doctor told her she doesn't have time to explain it right now but that I really shouldn't wait to make the increase. WTF??? After she told me that I moved up my appointment day. I need some answers.

So on Tuesday I'm going to see my rheumatologist and ask her these questions, and hopefully also get more of my tapering plan for Prednisone from her. I'm now down to 17.5mg and by Friday I should get to decrease to 15mg. Then on Wednesday I'm going to see a new rheumatologist at UCLA for a second opinion. His name is Dr. Louie. It will definitely be very interesting to see what he says about all my lab work and current medications.

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  1. dsunshine's Avatar
    Hey Tasha!
    Glad you had a wonderful and adventurous trip/vactaion. Glad you were able to be so active and really take it all in! Sounds like your trip was spiritual and beautiful just as you are!
    CONGRATS girlfriend on those A's...keep up the good work. You are well on your way to great things and I can't wait to read about them all.
    As for your doctor...yeah...WTF for real. Who says they don't have time to explain why your dosage is increasing...no explanation just take it and shut up is what it sounds like to me. Not to pump you up but you deserve an explanation from your doctor directly and not messages sent from the doctor to the nurse. I can see if the dosage was decreased. Hopefully Dr. Louie will come with answers, in dept answers to ALL your questions. One thing I have realized in all of this is that it's about money. Every other week (today being a day/week) I am at freaking slower than slow walgreens picking up prescriptions. It is part of western medicine...keep us doped up on stuff to make money for these companies and the doctors who prescribed them. Constant ever going circle.
    My suggestion is to be mindful and alert of this and express this to your doctor...You want off the drugs especially if you really don't need them. Perhaps even seeing an herbalist might be an option.
    I would also tell the doctor how you felt about the rudeness of saying she didn't have time to explain why your dosage was being increased. Where is the care/empathy/time...the oath she took for goodness sake.
    If my doctor or her staff ever came at me as such they would truly experience my wrath and anger...after I got my chart copied and forwarded to my new doctor of course. I will say my doctor/staff took 2 weeks to get me a doctor/cert/letter for my employer to save my job and I have a PPO so I can only imagine how long it would have taken for an HMO.
    Well...heres hoping to you being tappered down to 15mg this week, a great meeting with Dr. Louie, and an apology from your doctor.
    Have a great one Tasha!
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Wow im glad you had a fun trip Tasha,just what you needed.As for Doctors,you just have to be tough with them.They can be very annoying at times with not explaining stuff and giving you pills you dont need,i so understand it! Hope you get all the answers soon and you have to make them listen and be forceful.Goodluck and well done on the hike.xxxxxx
  3. tasha's Avatar
    Thanks for both of your replies!! I am definitely going to be harsh with my doctor when I see her on Tuesday. You're right, there is NO excuse for it. I can easily go to a different doctor, so I don't need to put up with it. And I might go see an herbalist too... I do like the idea of trying natural remedies rather than just putting tons of chemicals in my body all the time. I just want whatever works, ya know?!