April 14, 2009

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Hey Everyone!
i havent written a blog thing for a while, so i figured i would now since i have the chance too. i went to my rheumatologist yesterday. he said that i look the best i ever have :]
he ordered bloodwork like he usually does. and he said that he should get results either today or tomorrow, and if they are good-- he will lower down my prednisone again to 20 mg!! which will be half of what i started with!! i hope that he can! im soo sick of prednisone! blahh! haha
i am really excited because tomorrow, i am going to see RENT the musical! i love that movie and when my mom found out that they were doing their broadway tour, she bought tickets so me and her could go. she said that i deserve to have a night out of fun! i cant wait!!! whats even cooler, is that two stars from the movie actually star in the broadway tour aswell!
i hope everyone is doing ok!
love ya!
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  1. wrightrs's Avatar
    Glad your doing better. Hope you continue to improve!!! Take care.