April 15, 2009

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Heyy Everyone!
so as i've mentioned before, for cheer--we all had to re-try out, to prove that we can still do everything we've done in the past season, and i MADE it!! i was soo happy! that just proved to me, that lupus infact-wont hold me back from doing things that i love to do!
mann i wish my morning started off better, see, last night-i fell asleep on the couch watching tv, and my mom tried to wake me up, but once im asleep-im stubburn i wont move! so i ended up beign out there all night, and i woke up 20 minutes later then i usually do! so i had to rush to get ready for school! ugh. at least i made it in time haha.
i just want today's school day to be over!!! so i can go see RENT tonightttt! i am soo excited!!!!!
i hope everyone is doing well :]
love ya!
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  1. Saysusie's Avatar
    I love "Rent", let me know how you enjoyed it. You are still young and sleeping on the couch doesn't end up being a crick in your neck, a knot in your back, a hitch in you giddyup, and a ache in your head (lol). Glad you made it to school on time!
  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Hey fab!! Im so glad you had a great time, even though you were tired and nearly late for school after.I bet it was worth it..give me a f give me a A give me a B what is Ashley? FAB!!!!! xx
  3. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    will do saysusie !
    and angel, you make my day!
  4. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Hope you have a great time at the show tonight! Enjoy..... Lori
  5. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    OMG RENT was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! i loved it soo much!! i wanna see it again! haha, we were 7 rows from the stage!!!!
    i got a t-shirt and a coffee mug to remember the nightt! and ofcourse my own memeories in my head! hahah