Now what?

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So I guess I am feeling guilty for complaining about my husband. I feel bad for being upset with him for two reasons . . . First of all, he works his butt off 6 days a week so I really dont want for much. Do we have every material thing we want, of course not, but we pretty much enjoy life. Secondly, (this one is more complicated) Should I be upset with him for not being able to understand something that he has absolutely no concept of? He has never really been sick. (other than a cold or the flu) I have only every seen him call in sick to work once in eight years. Its not like he gave birth to the children so that comparison it out. He honestly doesnt have anything to compare it too. The worst feeling he has had physically is probably a bad hangover on a morning he had to go to work! Is he lacking compassion or am I letting my guilt get the best of me again? Either way . . . What a vicious cycle!!!
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