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  1. Hi Banderosa,
    I typed up some reports about the conference and posted them in Laurie's Lounge. I'll go looking for them and bump them up for you.
    Have you heard about the Sjogren's Registry at UCSF? They are great there! It is well worth the trip. They give you a very thorough exam, do a saliva test and a lip biopsy, prescribe meds that they think will help and they PAY YOU $200 for participating. I'll have to look back through my e-mails and I'll try to remember to shoot you the info.
    I'm enjoying living here - the bay is glorious. We're here for three years while my hubby gets his PHD - then it's back to Texas.
  2. Hi Marla,

    I just saw your message today - May 17. Can you believe it? I didn't even know about the Visitor Messages feature. Still not sure how it works, so I hope you see my message.
    What a shame! - I even didn't know about any Sjogren's Conference, and I live in Burlingame. Oh, my God - and I also have Sjogren's syndrome along with lupus.
    So, what did I miss? Was there anything worth? Did they find a cure or at least a new medication that works better?
    Welcome to California.
    I am kind of a newcomer too. Moved here 3 years ago from North Carolina.
  3. Hey Banderosa,
    I noticed that you live in Burlingame, Ca. I was just there a few weeks ago, attending the Sjogren's conference at the airport Marriott. I live in the Monterey Peninsula area. We have several members who live in California, and quite a few of them seem to be in Northern California. I'm a newcomer - we just moved here from Texas last fall.
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