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  1. Sandy, I have moved to a house in the country. Although I have a crazy 82 year old neighbor, it's a lot better than living in the city for me. The boyfriend's hands are healed now, and by a miracle of God, when he got off state disability, he was able to get unemployment benefits. Currently, he is looking for work. He wants to go to night school and look for work during the day. He wants to get certified in what they call pipe welding. I am retired now, but think I will have to get a p/t job to make ends meet and to live a little more comfortably. I can only make so much though, or I lose the health insurance I have and I can't let that happen with the Lupus and other health issues going on. Thanks for your message.
  2. just wanted to say HELLOOOOO!!!! I haven't seen you on here in a long while. I hope you are well and the new apt is still good and the boyfriends hands have all healed up.
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