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  1. thankyou jim i hope you had a lovely christmas to ours was quiet just hubby and kids , my mother and motherinlaw and brotherinlaw we had a barbecue. i hope this year can be a good one for you to my friend luv and hugs
  2. You have a Merry Christmas also. We are going to go over to the coast, thats my Christmas present, beautifull and relaxing. I hope I feel a bit better when we get there, if not sooner:~}
  3. hi jim just checking in to see how you are doing if we do not talk before christmas you have awonderful day hugs
  4. you did make me laugh jim sorry you are having such a rough time lately hope things get better soon you have a wonderful christmas to hugs
  5. Been having a bit of a rough go for a while, but I have my family:~} I was just trying to get a chuckle on the chat bar. you have a merry Christmas.
  6. hi jim seen your message in chatroom yes it seems sometimes i am chatting to myself but i just get on there to see if anyone needs help good to hear from you i have missed talking to you how are you hope you have been well hugs kim
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