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  1. MISS YOU JANA! NEW MOON BABY!!!!! WOO HOO! It was GOOD BUT i like the first one better! Not as SAD! Just STEAMY! LOL Cant wait for the next one! XXXOOO
  2. IM MISS YOU JANA!!!!!!!! Im reading the Twilight series AGAIN! LOL Im such a romantic! Sad huh! LOL Hey, if i have to live through Bella to FEEL a little BETTER, then ill do what i have to do !!!! LOL Hope you are ok my FRIEND! XXXXXXXXXXX
  3. MISS MY JANA!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ive beens so sick but im always thinking about you!!!! Our date for "our boys" is gettting closer!! WOO HOO!!! I cant wait to see them on the big screen again!!!!!! WHEW WHEW!!! Miss seeing you around here and hearing your thoughts about things. Please be wellXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. DOnt know if you check in or not my friend but oh how i miss you around here. SAD. THINKING OF YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. HI JANA!!!!! Your too funny!! YOur msg made me laugh! Im actually taking it SLOW with this last book cuz i dont want it to end!!! BOO HOO! I do have The Host to start though RIGHT AFTER!!! LOL Ill miss my Edward and Jacob! LOL HOw have you been lately? I DO HOPE you are at least haveing a FEW days of feeling ok. I think of you often and please take care of yourself because YOU MATTER!!!! HUGS XXXXXXX
  6. Hey Jeanette!!! How are you feeling? I hope well. How does your garden grow? I guess you will be in mourning soon, leaving Edward and Jacob behind. It couldn't last, you now. You are mortal.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts about "The Host". You are going to love it!
  7. OOPS! I almost forgot to tell you that i bought that other ADULT book by Stephenie Meyers!!!! I am ALMOST done with the last book of Twilight and then im going to start it!!!! Im so excited!! Take care!!!! XXXXXXX
  8. Hello dear Jana!!! Are you feeling ok these past few days? I DO hope you are. How are your farm animal friends? Visit them lately? I bet they all get HAPPY when you show up to spoil them with LOVE huh! Hey, if i ever win the lottery ill buy you that farm and the animals to go with it ok!!! DEAL?!!! ANything new going on in your world? Please take care of yourself and have a HAPPY WEEKEND!!! Gentle hugs AND LOVE XXXXXXX
  9. Hi JANA!!!!! Im having a clear mind at the moment so i wanted to take advantage of it and jump on to say HI!!!! Carl and i think im fighting a flu too because of how my flares have been. Im also seeing GREEN again! EWWWWY!!!! GOTTA start on that green again!!!! LOL LIme jello, thats what sounded good last time! LOL How is your weekend going? I hope you are having some peaceful moments. YOu deserve that much at least. Pet the animals for me if you make it that way. Sending you lOVE and HUGS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  10. Well, the diagnosis is bittersweet, isn't it my friend? Somehow, just knowing it a relief, as weird as that sounds. Sorry for you and glad you have some answers. Jacob and Edward are lovely, aren't they? You won't believe what happens in Book 4.......

    Hope tomorrow finds you feeling better. Take care,

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