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  1. Me again! LOL Oh wow! I just read that you are from Scotland! I think thats SO COOL to meet others from such different places! WOO HOO!!
  2. Just wanted to pop in to say HELLO!!! love your hair by the way! Its so shiny and pretty! Hope you are well and hope you had a good Christmas! XXXOOO
  3. AWWW, your msg was so SWEET Claire! THANK YOU for it! I posted a couple of threads updating things. It is what it is and im going to keep on trucking ahead no matter what!!! WOO HOO!!! How are you? By the way, YOU HAVE BEUTIFUL HAIR! Arent you the SEXY woman!!! You have a very pretty and kind face. Please take care and HUGS and LOVE to YOU!! XXXOOo
  4. Heya Jeanette, just wanted to send you a note to see how you're doing now! I just saw the post about you being sick, sorry I missed it or I'd have left a message there! Hope you're doing much better now! ~hugs~
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