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  1. Saysusie sorry to hear there's not much improvement and i hope you get some good rest, you takecare of yourself mate and i know what it's like to be stuck in the house to much. xxxx
  2. Hi has been a pretty bad day. Lots of pain and I've been stuck in this house..uggh. I hope you are doing OK. I am headed to bed now as I've taken a pain pill and a sleeping pill and my brain has stopped functioning. Hope you have a wonderful day and evening!
  3. Hello Saysusie,
    Tryed to send a message earlier but would'nt go through as your inbox was full.

    I hope your feeling just abit better. Luv Terry xxxx
  4. Hi Saysusie,
    Since i've had the op, i've been in hot and cold sweats, joints aching plus my liver and yesterday i was yellow can't seem to shake it off.

    Oh i'll keep pushing with him, actually i don't like him he's crap but my dermo can't treat me even though he's done both fields of work but chose dermo, now he is brilliant.

    I really hope your keeping fine?? xxxx
  5. Wow..what is up with your rheumy! If MTX will help, why is he against you getting relief from the medication? I have to side with your dermatologist on this one and I am glad that he has decided to have a chat with your rheumy. I know that MTX can be a difficult drug for some, but it is a very effective medication for the treatment of Lupus. Keep fighting for your right to get relief from your symptoms by using medication that will help you. Sending you {{hugs}}
  6. Hello Saysusie,

    Well as you know i had my operation and i'm still waiting to see someone for the tumour on my liver, 3 specialist's have said methotrxate would be great to surpress my immune system because of something else developing quick and my dna bloods passed for me to take Dapsone for my skin but my rheumo wow have none of it and i'm back on the plaquenil at night.
    My dermo is'nt pleased about none of it and i see him in 3mths time and in the meantime he's having a word with him.

    How are you keeping mate because you've been so ill yourself.

    Terry xxxxxxxx
  7. Just popping in to check on you..kind of concerned about the whole tumor issue. How are you???
  8. Hello Saysusie,
    I don't know if you've seen my post from last week but i've got a Tumour on my liver now collecting blood and when i got there today to see my psychatrist he's come back to work and i was pleased he's had an update on what's going on with me and does'nt want me to wait to see the rheumo but to phone the hospital to start me on Anti-cancer medication, because of the Tumour and how my skin is he said things are progressing to quickly and my autoimmune diseases need surpressing to slow them down.

    Hugs Terri xxx
  9. I wanted to ask you how your doctor's appointment went, but from LUVMUFLOWERS note to you, I suspect that it did not go as well as you would have liked :-( For that, I am sorry. I am going over to the forums to see if you posted some details about the appointment. I will reply to you over there.
    Sending You Hugs
  10. Hi Saysusie,

    I forgot to answer you question about prednisone yes it is the tablet form of Mepacrine.

    I phoned the doctor's this morning about my scan results the doctor wants to see me, so i'm booked in for 10-20am in the morning but i've printed everything out about (Gord) as i think that's what my trouble is also. xxxxxxxx
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