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  1. Hi There; I hope you are feeling better and I'm sorry you can't remember much of your holiday. Your New Year's actually sounds great to me. I think I am ready for one where I do not have to work (perform), and we just stay home! This year's wasn't bad as I did not have to perform. So, we went to dinner with friends and spent the night in a nice hotel. Otherwise, it was very quiet.
    I do live in the desert, but we are in the High Desert (elevation 4000+) so we get snow every year. We have not had any yet this year, but still waiting.
    Feel Better...sending you hugs
  2. Yes my love,

    Was really good, i dont rememeber alot of it, christmas day i mean, heidi took some pics but i dont honestly remember them being taken...not a good sign, i stuck to my water on new years like i said i would, and i even stayed in by myself, kept the cats company....ERGH im turning into a crazy cat lady hahaha.

    Did you have a good one? did u spend it with family at yours or somewhere else? has it snowed ure end or do u live in the desert lol like danica xx
  3. Hey There! It has been a while since we chatted. I hope that your holidays were filled with much love and much joy. Also, I hope that you are doing well! Sending you warm hugs!
  4. Hey You! I am so happy that you and Norma were able to enjoy yourselves and be absolutely free! Sounds as if everyone is going to have a fabulous holiday, including the rats who get to party on while everyone else is away (lol)
    Sims has been my salvation during these sick days...I am truly, truly addicted which, I guess, makes me a really big fool! What can I say..I will own up to my flaws (lol)
    Have a wonderful holiday and let us all know how it went!
    Peace and Blessings
  5. Hello my friend
    hows things with you? hows the sims? lol my friend bought it the other day shes fallen into the addictive state i cant even reach her nowadays....fool lol!
    Norma and i went to our first gay pride last sunday it was in essex...none as essex pride, it was fantasticwe could be our selves and we loved it, i think norma enjoyed it coz she could be herself round me too
    We are going for our break to centre parcs at eleveden forest on monday with my mum and dad for 5 days...cant wait! MJ is going to respite he is looking forward to that, and joe and shane are going to their aunts they are happy too, my cats are going on their cat holiday at this nice farm in the country called spring farm i think they are pretty excited and even my rats are happy coz they will have the house to them selves! lol so we will all have a nice break away.
    Anyway mrs reality sims farmer spk to you soon gonna listen to my fav tune now woohooo
    all my love me
  6. WOW...that was great!! I love the bright colors and the big open arms!! Thank You
  7. Feeling used and betrayed right now.....
    Im showing the story to my parents after the w/e i was soo sweet, Thankyou for looking at my album......and 102? isnt that a bit high? i cant cope with this hot weather yet i cant cope with the cold either hence why Autumn/Fall is my fav time of year, all those pretty colours the fall in new england really is summin else tho...thats my happy place, thats where i go in my thoughts when im sick.

    Thanx again hunni
    all my love from Abbottsville
  8. Thank You So Much. I do hope that Lauri's story does touch others, that our family here gets to know her a bit and understands one of the reasons why WHL is so important to me!
    How are you feeling? I really enjoyed looking at your pictures, especially the album with all of the things that you love! Have a wonderful day!
    Sending you hugs..warm ones 'cuz it is 102 degrees right now (lol)
  9. Hey hun,

    Just wanted to pop by and say hi, i read your story on lupus-chat, and like alot of ppl ive spoke to it touched me, it was a beautiful story too,
    So hope you are okish right now, and sending u monkey shaped hugs xxx
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