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  1. . Stupid rough times. Sending love your way. I think Britain would be the end of are so chirpy and it's so miserable here! But I am doing pretty my head at least! My system is coping better with the cellcept now. Yay! Now I'm torn between hating being ill and being afraid of being healthier! I've been ill since I was 17, so I can't quite imagine a life where I might have so much to do...I'm used to setting my limits. I'm sure it'll be fine!
    Chin up my lovely, furry friends bring so much joy. The sorrow of losing them is so
  2. AWWWWW....SORRY you are feeling "YUCK" Jaynie......BOOOOOO to nausea!!! FINGERS CROSSED it subsides at least a bit for YOU! Yeah, its still been rougher than usual around here...Thats why Im not around....One of our 3 "FURRY BABIES" is dying and its TEARING ME APART...Its also making me think EVEN MORE about my PAPA dying....Its alll flooding back in from the day we found him..UGH..Im trying to be as "PERKY" as I can though....Ive been "busting a move" in my kitchen to papas favorite songs to either make me SMILE and/or LAUGH and/or CRY! PLEASE be well...LOVE and HUGS
  3. Sorry things are hard for you at the moment. I have just started taking mycophenalate, so I'm feeling a bit yuck. It's making me nauseous and I think it's making me a lot more tired tho that's hard to tell because I was so drained anyway. Love your way. Keep on moving, you're such an inspiration! Xxx
  4. THINKING of YOU Jaynie! VERY ROUGH days for a while now....BUT STILL TRUCKN ALONG!!!! VROOM VROOM~~~LOL I Hope to be around later gator! I will bore you with it another time.....LIFE, ya know? LOVE and HUGS XXXOOO
  5. Hey you (smilie). Was thinking about you miss bubbly and thought I'd say hi. Looks like things are rough for you at the moment. Sending you good thoughts and hugs. Xxxxxxxxxooooxxxxxxxxx
  6. Did I put my message I the right place yet?
  7. I'm such a dough-brain!
    I see my lupus dr this Friday so can run by him how poorly I have been feeling. I'm feeling chirpier tho, but I am so so fed up with struggling all the time. I know life is like that, but I like to have more than the odd day off...I want weeks and weeks (also without getting bored...not possible! I'm living in cloud cuckoo land!)
    Get better!!! Love to you! Xxxxxxxxxx
  8. LOL....You are so FUNNY..I NEEDED that chuckle tonight..YES, you have been msging yourself! LOL LOL BUT, there are others who do it too, so I have learned to check back at your page for a response! LOL Hope you had FUN crafting! OMG, I TOO am ALWAYS "fighting" a bug it seems as well! UGH! BOOOO! Hope you are good Jaynie and take care of YOU! Love and Hugs!
  9. I think I'm using this wrong. Am I leaving myself messages?!
  10. HI HI HI!!! Hope your "ME DAY" is going GOOD!!! YOU DESERVE those kind of days ALOT more often miss Jaynie!!! Im fighting another darn "bug" BUT other than that Im hanging in there! Love and Hugs! Jeannette
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