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  1. You will be OK and you will learn to adjust to a new "normal". The beginning IS HARD BUT it's all about working with what's beem thrown your way. My dad always told me "baby, you have the BEST attitude through all of this and you just do what you CAN thats within your power, you make me so proud". Him and my husband are my biggest cheerleaders and THAT HELPS. MY dad just died Dec. 6th and it tore my world apart BUT i honor him by fighting my fight because I know that's what he would want. You have to fight with everything you have not only for YOU but for those who LOVE YOU too!!! WOO HOOO to THAT!!!!! Hope to talk more with you!! HUGS and LOVE Jeannette
  2. Hi Krysta!!!! I just read a thread you posted and it made me sad for you. I wanted to come on over to say we do have our WOO HOO moments around here though. LIKE NOW , WOO HOO!!! LOL I understand what you're saying though. I'm a "veteran' here and I get that feeling sometimes as well. It goes along with what this illness is like "UP and DOWN". There are GREAT people here that will help you in many ways. It's helped me a lot. WHL is my second family. There are times when I just go MIA because I'm too drained and sick to give any extra of myself. I feel guilty BUT I know there are others to support those in need and I also know when I do get back on It's like was never gone. As a mom and wife though, ANY extra energy I DO have I give to them.
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