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  1. Heyyy sorry blbeen really sick. I'm in remission now
  2. HOPE you are OK! Its been a while!!!! THINKING about YOU!!!!!!
  3. HEY HEY HEY!!!!! No, I dont do the whole Facebook thing. I am very old fashioned I guess you could say! My hubby says I should have been born during "Little House on the Praire" days! LOL Hope you are as well as can be and THINKING OF YOU!!!!!!!!
  4. hahaha how are you . sorry havent been on. mostly ive been sleeping lol. i hare insomnia!!! nights are horrible but lately i have been getting some sleep!!! im on facebook alot if you have a fb . hope all is well with uuuuuuuuu.
  5. Stopping by AGAIN (LOL) to say "HI" right back at ya!!!!! You take care of yourself hun and IM THINKING OF YOU!!!!! XXXOOO
  6. hey!! just wanted to stop by and say hey
  7. Just wanted to say HI!!!!!!! Hope you are well!!!!! Love and Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. awwww thank you..i eat to much candy anyhow ready for duck
  9. THINKING of Cecee!!!! Have a GREAT "BUNNY" day! Dont eat too much candy! LOL
  10. hahaha i loved your message!! ur not a geek lol im glad to have found this site also!!! ur daughter is the same age as my sister except older. my sis will be 23 in july
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