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  1. Marla,
    Thanks again for all that info and i looked up both links and on the sjogrens link it mentioned Neurogenic bladder,so i looked that up and that tablet the gyno gave me called Oxybutynin hydrochloride is given for that condition but it was stopping me from weeing and causing more leakage, i've added that tablet to your thread so you can see it and really i should'nt have tried it with me having liver trouble, it says alot more onthe link.

    Someones got to start helping me with this, everyday constantley wearing a liner and it does get depressing.

    Love Terry xxx
  2. Hello Marla,

    I did some looking and reading it's the scleroderma causing my calfs to swell but it gives you the affects like DVT and my god it is painfull. xxxx
  3. Hello Marla,

    You have alot of the same dieases as myself have your ever had you calf down blow out and go tight, it's not affecting my feel just from the calf to the ankle on both legs and going all tight, it's really painful.

    I hope your keeping fine in your wonderful world. xxxx
  4. Hello Marla,
    The only main thing i noticed and like was her sister's dress very classy, ste was well engrossed and called me.
    It's just terrible how goverment keep bringing we down, while their own pockets get full, i just find it disgusting.

    I knew you'd be on doing something and was you resting or tippling abit which caused the resting episode
    (just joking mate)
    I'm the same as usual marla and i saw my dermo today no creams and steroids are any good for my skin now it's gone to far but he's given me the option to take out of two lots of tablets as they find it's their last resort in working from the system itself but he run blood tests first on me and i'm to go back in 4wks and he's disgusted with the way rheumo make me weight having the systemic Lupus.

    Well i hope your days abit more pleasent tomorrow marla. xxx
  5. Hi Marla,
    I hope you loved watching the Royal wedding because i ain't go time for none of it, i was chatting to linda yesterday, this country is being stripped to it's limit's, they're taking working glass people as low as they can and the lot was to pay for that, so that's a bad subject with me and parliment in general. The local councillor got an earful when he came for our vote.
    Don't you get over doing it this weekend and watch your health mate, even though i know you'll still be going mad coming up with something.

    All my love to you
  6. Hello Marla,
    I hope your party went accordingly and you did'nt ware yourself out "Carm down woman" LOL
    I'm off to the hospital in the morning about that polyps to make sure if i have one or not and i'll let you know what hapens mate.

    Love Terri xxx
  7. Hello putt-putt lol,

    You brighten up my day marla and you do make me laugh. I was paranoid with using mine but now certain days i attach bruno and we're off along the canal, he loves it plus it keeps my dog fit besides ste walking him.
    Marla i've been out in the back garden today sorting it with ste but having rests in between and his head mays well of fled off for the amount of times i chewed at him and come 6pm my system was crying for the plaquenil. I'm hoping i can master the side affects because already cold sores have gone from up my nose.

    Marla have a lovely weekend yourself and your hubby.
    love to you both Terri xxx
  8. Hello Marla,
    Well i wish your hubby all the best with his paper being accepted, just admit it your ready for travelling well if you do travel there at least you'll have family with you to enjoy it even more.
    The plaquenil is rough on me marla but my bowels am geting looser mate but i'll just have to wait and see.
    Marla i've come house bound alot with the pain in my legs, so a couple of months back i brought myself an electric scooter and at least i can get back out with my staff, i was feeeling abit paranoid at first nosey neighbours mate plus questions and my hubby went mad he said you need it so take no notice of other's and for the first time today went out and nothing bothered me.

    Have a smashing weekend yourself and your family & takecare mate.

    Luv Terri xxxx
  9. Hi marla,
    Very nice mate japan, you could have sent for me That was nice teaching them how to eat it and i love my cucumber but never tried octopus.
    Well my next appointment is next month to see if i have a polyps, it never ends below and marla i'm thinking of packing the plaquenil in, i can't cope with the side affects with my other tablet's i take it's all to much.
    You takecare dear friend, all my love Terri xxx

  10. My appointment to see the gyno is next month to see if i actually do have a polyps and after that, that same specialist should set me up for a date for burning the uterus.
    Marla i'm really drugged alot lately with all the meds for the other stuff i've got and besides taking paracetamol to go with the plaquenil, then when i'm on a monthly i have to swap from paracetamol to iburophen, christ it's a wonder my system knows where it
    Besides the side affects off the plaquenil i've not seen my swelling of hands or other any symptoms i have starting to alter yet but thanks for asking mate and really enjoy your evening.

    All my love to you Marla xxxxxxx
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