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  1. Marla i've had to edit this message mate sorry, i was replying to Rob on your profile.

    I'm starting to go nuts take no notice mate .lol xxx
  2. Hello Marla,
    It's not long before your up and running again mate oh you do make me laugh but just be careful because you know as much as me, there is such a thing as over doing it. lol
    Marla i hope your appointment went ok besides your hubby having stitches removed.

    Marla i'm ok well you have to be, except for dehydration yesterday and muscle spasms today they do drive you mad.
    I see the my GP monday about the B12 injections and also to see if i start the plaquenil and i've had an appointment come for march and april refering down below and sorting me out, about time as well.

    All my love to you & your hubby marla. xxxxxxx
  3. Ado marla,
    How you feeling healthwise now mate after over doing it with the cooking and making yourself worn out, i do hope you've picked up slowly.

    Love Terri xxx
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