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  1. thankyou for your support with stephen and his operation hopefully things will go well sorry i have not thanked you before now i am flaring so i seem to be pushing the wrong buttons at the moment. hope you are well and am so happy to hear you are having new grandchild luv kim
  2. Hi Kim,
    It's good to hear from you, and Merry Christmas yourself!
    Jeff and I are having a quiet little holiday all by ourselves. The kids are all doing their own thing, since I've asked them to save their money to travel out here when Dad graduates. I sent each of them a gift card and a couple of small gifts for the grandsons. Heather & Eric are traveling in Egypt, so I'll be a bit concerned until they get back to NYC.
    I hope that things are going better for your little family. Relax and enjoy being together.
    Love & Hugs,
  3. hello marla just checking to see how you are doing and to wish you and your family a merry christmas my friend in case we do not chat before hand hugs
  4. hi marla just checking in see if you are well hugs
  5. hi marla just checking in to see how you and your family doing hope you are all well hugs kim l
  6. dear marla hapy easter from your australian friend have a wonderful weekend hugs and love kim l
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