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  1. That sounds awful. I hope that you can get it straightened out! Can you walk ok with it? I'm hoping I can get it worked out too. I don't know what I'm going to do this summer.
  2. i started 2 threads about it.
    i currently still have a damaged toe.

    origionally i had a piece of bone removed, and not replaced.
    my toe was left to slowly grow back the bone.
    because of my medication. the doctors did not want to pin the toe.
    it would have been to suseptable to germs.
    i am going for another xray, the toe is disformed. i am presuming it has not mended in alignment.

    i now also own a 4 legged lawnmower.
    we bought a shetland cross welsh pony.
    she lives in the back yard.
    she does a wonderful job, and the grandkids love her.
    i have photos on my profile page.


    it sounds like the stress of school is paying its toll on you.
    i had bad infections through my body when my stress was too high.

    i hope the school can lower your course load.
  3. Oh my gosh how is your toe??? I had a sinus infection and a week after that had a bladder infection and after that had another infection AND a viral infection lol I have been on so many antibiotics but stuff just keeps popping up lately. I hope you can shake yours!

    School is stressing me out alot lately. I really don't know what to do about it.
  4. i am doing ok at the moment.
    it is the end of summer here, but i have a cold i cannot shift.
    on my second round of antibiotics for it.

    i had fun just before christmas.
    i ran over my toe with a lawnmower.
    another lupus side effect i have is "brain pauses".
    i had a pause whilst mowing the lawn and .....

    apart from that, i am very happy with life.

    how is college going?
  5. I was trying to get my other account to work but conrad was never getting back with me and I didn't like the dumb name I made for that account I had been using to try to ask for help so I caved and made a new ritz account lol I have missed everyone so much! How have you been?
  6. i see you have resurfaced.
    welcome back......
    you were missed!
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