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  1. HI SWEETIE! I hope you are OK as can be! Any TV time lately? LOL Thats GREAT what you did!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Love you!!!
  2. Unfortunately I haven't been feeling the best for the past few weeks. I got an infection and since then just havent been feeling good. Trying to get out of the funk of it all. Hope you're feeling well
  3. Just wanted to pop in to say "HI"!!!!!! Hope you are still having BETTER days! WOO HOO to THAT!!!!!! XXXOOO
  4. Sorry it took me this long to write you back lol I kept meaning to get back on and just kept forgetting. I hope you are doing well too
  5. HI HUN!! Happy to see you're back too! We both have been MIA! Hope you're well!!!!
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