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  1. Yep, i get kinda deformed looking too, but not from my chest, i get a large "Igor" hump on my upper spine and my left shoulder will look very boney, swollen and way different then the other side, MRIs show a few discs herniaed but nothing that required surgery or made the drs feel it was anything that was a big deal. i finally gave up after going in so many times for it, nobody could seem to find anything, so ive just been living with it. i never put the it together with the chest symptoms, next time it acts up ill pay more attention..i always try to just pretty much ignor everthing lol!
  2. Hey! Hope you're felling well. I have a question! Have you happen to of noticed the general area of your affected side? I noticed a few weeks ago in a picture of my boyfriend and I where I'm sort of reaching over and hugging him, my chest looks mildy (and I mean SUPER mildly) deformed. There was just a distinct outline of my sternum with the way my body was twisted. But, I assumed it must of been the angle of the camera or something. But I decided to take some pictures yesterday during an outburst of some severe pain. You can visibly see from looking up towards my chest/neck that my left side sticks out. I'm not sure if it's swelling.. If it's the actual bones.. I don't know. Does this sound familiar?! I'm gonna start a thread in 'symptoms' with the pictures. Let me know!
  3. Yeah I'm at a loss. I don't know what else to do! Keep me updated on your journey and I will do the same!
  4. You are right about doing nothing, that is the ONLY thing that helps me, lots of rest, that is hard for me, i work 12hour days, lol. I have gone in and been told maybe it was blood clots thank god it wasnt, costo, inflammation, rib out, hypermobile joints, ive done all kinds of heart tests, cat scans, xrays..ugg and no answers. Mine is aweful on the left side, sometimes it looks like my shoulder is distorted too, i dont know if its all swelled up or what, it goes down into my ribs, normally starts in the back below my left shoulder blade, then it can wrap around to the front at times, very sharp stabbing pains when i breathe, i am very tough, and ill tell ya, it can take me to my knees. sometimes it radiates to the right as well and sometimes i can feel it in my arms, but almost all the time its the left side.
  5. Yeah I went down the whole chiro road. I regret that the most of all the things I've done to try and combat this pain! He said I had a 'subluxation' and it was 'probably' putting some pressure on my ribs. I got several adjustments and EVERYTIME I was hysterically crying after the session. I have yet to find anything that actually helps it, aside from lying in bed and being completley still, and not breathing haha! What side is yours on? Mine started in the left and that's where the breathing pain is still.. But I also have pain that's starting to radiate to the other side also. They didn't think yours was pleurisy?
  6. It seems like i have had it forever! First i started going to a chiro who told me i have had ribs out, i finally couldnt take it anymore & went to my Primary dr, My dr sent me to Physical therapy for Costo & the Physical therapist was really cool &said yeah, you have hypermobiltiy & she felt it was from inflammation, so she said to see a rhuemy, went to one & he was a real jerk who didnt look or listen to me and i gave up at that point, ended up back in PT cause it hurts so bad, she told me to get a second opinion, so i did some googeling around & found a rheumy who spent time with me & has really helped me alot &gave me the lupus diagnosis, started me on plaquinel which has given me alot more energy, a prednisone pack which is helping with the rib thing and this week i started imuran, she said she felt that the whole rib thing is just deep deep inflammation. i hope she is right! glad to have someone else out there with it, now i know im not nutso!! lol sorry about the book!
  7. I was so happy to see I wasn't the only one dealing with the rib crap! I HATE feeling like some psychotic hypochondriac by thinking that any rib/chest pain just HAD to be serious.. But the pain I have that continues to get worse just doesn't make sense! How does yours feel? How long have you had it?
  8. Hello! I am new here too, and new to lupusdiagnosis , i was reading your post and you sound just like me with the whole rib thing! nice to know someone else with the same stuff going on, sometimes it feels like your loosing your mind with the strange things going on! Lol!! Just thought i would introduce my self and see if you have found anything that relieves the rib pain for you! it sure is miserable!
    Have a great day!!
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