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  1. Hi,yes I'm from PA but further up north in Union City. I don't know if they have any support groups around here. I would think not but I really dont kno since I dont talk about my illness and tend to just stay in. Probably people think something else not so nice is wrong w/ me,haha. I bet there would be one up in Erie but I really dont drive much anymore and that would be like what 2 1/2 ,3 hrs. for you. My dr. talked about starting one b/c she has Lupus and all the other fun things that come w/ it , but it hasn't happened yet. Good luck on your journey,I think support groups would be great. People like us are truely the only ones that understand.
  2. hey, how are you? Marla mentioned me to you on the forums. Since you live in Pennsylvania do you know any support groups around your place?
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