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  1. THINKING OF YOU and hoping YOU and DEANNA are welll Craig....GOOD DAYS I HOPE......LOVE and HUGS, JEANNETTE
  2. Hi Craig! Im pretty sick right now so I havent been around....Just wanted to say Im HAPPY Deanna DROVE (WOO HOO!) the other day! THAT IS a BIG DEAL! I MISS IT so BAD! Sometimes when I wanted to be "alone" I would go for a drive out in the country and roll down my windows and listen to my favorite CDs...Oh how I miss the "little things"... Its funny how people take the "small things" in life for granted huh...It is what it is though! Hope the both of YOU are well and Deannas doing some more driving! Love and Hugs! Jeannette
  3. Just wanted to say IM THINKING OF YOU and I hope Deanna is having BETTER DAYS......Love and Hugs,Jeannette
  4. HEY THERE! We are on at the same time!!!! WOO HOO!!! LOL I got your msg! As a matter of fact I just read it! AWWWWW, you made me smile so BIG when I read what you did for DEANNA when she was getting her infusion! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Screw those other people! YOU LOVE HER and YOU WANT to BE THERE FOR HER in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, SO, dont hold back! SHE IS LUCKY!!!! I tell ya what, Carl probably would have been sent to jail for causing a "scene" if they wouldnt allow him in! LOL YOU do what YOU want to do Craig for THE WOMAN YOU LOVE! Deanna is so LUCKY!! THINKING of YOU and PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF TOO Craig..Love and Hugs.... Jeannette
  5. THINKING OF YOU EVERY DAY.......Hope all is well for YOU, DEANNA and KIDS........Love and Hugs
  6. I STILL will pm you as soon as I can Craig...I just read your latest post from July 30th..I HADNT read it...OMG. I FEEL FOR YOU.You are at the end of your rope and rightly so.. I get it. I talked to Carl and my daughter Ashleigh earlier about yours and Deannas situation and I will get to you tomorrow about their thoughts/advice as well as mine. THEY are in YOUR BOAT too. Its good to hear their thoughts as well I thought. I WANT to HELP and YOU NEED HELP. I HEAR it in your post and in our msgs to each other. Please hang in there and Ill be in touch tomorrow..Love and Hugs Jeannette
  7. Start at bottom! LOL
  8. I feel awful I had to cut off like THAT. I am so sorry. I DO want to talk about alot to hopefully help in some way( I hope). I will just send you a personal msg hopefully tomorrow, and if not then, I will some time this week. So look for a personal msg from me....I am so sorry YOU are going through this to Craig...Like I have said, you remind me of Carl..So I can relate to your story from both perspectives. Im very much in tune to Carl and my kids and HOW they are afffected in all this as well. I HAVE TO BE. IT MATTERS. Im not saying it doesnt matter to Deanna by any means..Its just, even the sick/weaker ones HAVE to look around to see whats within OUR power to HELP not only ourselves BUT our LOVED ones as well. Talk soon and take care of YOU TOO.....
  9. Start at the bottom! LOL
  10. I had many meds tried by MANY different Drs and THEN I STOPPED allowing it. IT WAS MAKING THINGS WORSE. YOU and Deanna BOTH have to HEAR what her body is telling her Craig. If she THINKS its not helping and some things are even WORSE, THEN thats whats happening. YOU are living "it" with her. LISTEN to what you told me about the meds. YOU said those things for a reason. Time for new drs? I changed many times. I wanted to get BETTER not WORSE. Its about findng the "RIGHT" drs that FIT DEANNA. The side effects can be WORSE for us. I am so sorry Craig, I have to go. I will talk more later! GOOD LUCK!! HUGS to you BOTH!
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