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  1. I think you have said it yourself, if you don't take the meds as they are prescribed you will find out after they were working and regret not taking them. You will be back at square one and be on the higher dosage for longer. Try and spread the meds a bit, rather than taking a handful in one go, that would also help a bit with any potential nausea.

    Didn't he say that if you don't it would be worse?
  2. Yol, you know how you mentioned that you were going to drop the dose of Prednisone? Have you read some of the other newcomers posts? Seem a lot of people want and do take themselves of meds due to the side effects, but they end up being back on them the way the dr prescribed because the benefits are greater!

    Like I said the other day, I would go with what the specialist suggest for now - there is a reason why the dose drops weekly rather than sooner. xoxox
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