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  1. I sent Deb a text as I haven't heard from you and I am very worried. I hope everything is ok! Love Desley
  2. Hi yolinda how are you? I haven't. Heard from you in so long! I am seeing dr Reed also now I find him good thank you so much for recommending him! Hope next year is better for you! Love Desley
  3. How are you? Hope your going fine! I am trying to find out re the meet on the 18 th. I will contact Steve I hope you and your Mum can come. I hope to bring my husband Colin after he gets out the dentist.
  4. Hi I really enjoyed meeting you and your Mum too looking forward to meeting Deb. Take it easy listen to your body and enjoy every day to the fullest! I do! After getting the diag it is normal to go through shock, denial, grief, control, and a new direction Nd satisfaction. I believe I am in the satisfaction stage. Good luck the journey is very normal don't get stuck in any one stage pass through them and allow each stage to happen. I have a sister who is stuck in the denial stage with her divorce and after 12years she still stalks her x husband. I just think how much she is missing out on so much fun she could be having. Hope you have as much fun as I do each and every day!
  5. Hiiiiii great meeting u! Ur so nice and funny. Glad u could meet my Mum too! Hope Deb can come next time. And next time has to be soon thanks!!
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