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  1. That's funny my wife works in berea I was born and raised here,I actually live in north Olmsted not to far from berea ,I did move to Arizona in 95 and I lived there for 13 years but we had to move, couldn't take the sun and heat anymore, not a good place to live if you have lupus! Although with this wacky weather we have had lately it kinda reminds me of AZ!
  2. Hi n.Mac I actually live in suburb of Cleveland Ohio, not to far from you,I too am fairly new to this site too, everyone here is great, most people don't understand lupus, so it's good to talk to people who understand what your going through, I have had the symptoms of lupus as long as I can remember, although I have not been diagnosed yet I got a rash on face a couple of years ago that would not go away, I went to a derm and she did a biopsy and she told me it was tumid lupus said it very rare and would only effect my skin, but I have all the symptoms of SLE, but anyway welcome to WHL, and if you wanna talk I'm just a click away!
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