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  1. Hi Niall, yes it is horribly hot here. On top of it, I have either picked up a virus or the meds I need to deal with the mass in my uterus are vital. I am waiting on docs to agree I can have progesterin. As if lupus isn't enough. God & I are discussing this added medical issue (grin).

    Are you the young man who was diagnosed at a very young age? My thinking is very unclear tonight so forgive me if I am off.

    Great to here from you. God help you figure out the nodding off. Have you ever been checked for brain issues (seizures, etc.)? Just a thought. Many on forum have this issue.
  2. Hi Tammy,
    Always nice to meet a fellow Christian!
    I see on the news you are experiencing the same wonderfull weather we are in Chicago.
    One thing I have found helpfull is I buy work shirts from Duluth Trading Co. They have built in 50 spf protection,I believe they have some ladies wear,but you might be better off trying Columbia Outerware. My ruhemy offered to write me a letter-as he did for another lupie.
    This women drove a great deal and was trying to get a waiver to allow side tinted windows(chicago doesn't allow out of safety concerns for police making traffic stops) Please take care I know driving when your tired and having trouble staying awake is a terrible feeling.
  3. Hi Niall, I noticed you are a Christian. I can quote that who verse you have posted. I'm always glad to say hello to a fellow Christian Lupie!

    I'm sorry you struggle so terribly with fatigue too. I find it more upsetting than pain. Anyway, wanted to send you a special welcome.

    We are in His perfect care in spite of how we feel. This I hold on to as I wait to figure out His plan.

    Be blessed, Tammy
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