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  1. i only worked in the mines, at the end of my working career.
    i know i had symptoms from at least 15.
    i was still at school, then i did an apprenteship as a motor mechanic.
    from there to the airforce..... many other jobs after that.
  2. Good to meet you Steve,
    I noticed on your bio that you worked in the mines. What sort of work or mine did you work? I am curious because I read a study that found that among the smaller percentage of men vs.women with lupus ,many men had something in common which was exposure to silica dust.the theory is that it was constant skin contact-not breathing the dust in which caused the problems. In my case I have been working sandblasting with silica for 30 years, and a friend/fellow painter came down with schelderma aprox 10 yrs ago after doing similar work for 20 yrs. Thanks Niall
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