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  1. Hi Toni, Nice to hear from you!
    I have been through Griffith a few times -I live in Frankfort IL which is maybe 20 miles west of Griffith.
    (Frankfort is south of rt80 just south of OrlandPark and west of rt57)
    Your right Chicago has many goodies to offer,and what is nice about Griffith and Frankfort is the small town appeal(we still have cornfields in town) but you can jump on the express way and be downtown chicago in half an hour-or 2 hrs depending on
    I work for a construction co and am downtown several days a week(the last couple of years we have been doing alot of work at millenium park and the big addition to the art institute).Back in 1990 I worked at the prudential building for a few weeks.
    Thats whats nice about Starved Rock ,its only about an hour west and I found a"rustic"campground where I can leave my trailer so that we can go on a whim-the traileris sitting waiting for us with a minimal amount of set up to do.

    Hope you are doing well-Niall
  2. Hi
    Just wanted to say I love Starved Rock too. I left the Chicago suburbs in 1997 to move down here. I lived in Griffith IN and worked downtown in the Prudential building that looks like a pencil. I miss Chicago and all it's goodies.

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