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  1. I'm doing well, except for missing my daughter and new son-in-law something fierce. Sprocket got his puppy shots today and is very punky, and Keeper is going back home to the breeder tonight so it's kind of sad day all around. How are you doing?
  2. Not really any story, no. Sometimes i'll come across cool pictures or sketches online that I'd like to try drawing or improving on, and save them to my computer. So when it came time to pick an avatar, I had this picture ready.

    Gahh, every time I look at your puppies it makes me want to squeal! They're sooo cute, i kinda wanna ruffle their ears a little, hehe.
    How are you today?
  3. I see it now. Cool image, but you can't really see her face unless it's bigger. Is there a story behind it?
  4. Awwww... well that's no fun Two puppies is a lot to handle though, so while i'm sure you'll miss her, it might also be a relief as well.

    It's an angel - with one white wing and one black. I'll try to link you to a bigger picture (:

    Try Here

    or Here

    You know, you're not the first to ask me that...maybe i should change it! hehe
    hope you're doing well (:
  5. Thanks Elo. The puppy on the left is going home tomorrow and we will really miss her. I have been trying to figure out what your profile pic is - it's cool, I just can't quite make sense of it.
  6. Hi there! I just saw your new profile picture and wanted to tell you that your new little furbabies are absolutely adorable!!
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