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  1. my family is doing really good.
    kids are happy to be back at school, just finished end of term break.
    cherie has only been home of a week, returning from over east, to help out her daughter with a cancer scare.
  2. Hello Mr. Steve! (: Thank you for checking in on me, I appreciate it.
    How are you doing as of late? How is your lovely family?
  3. just popping in to say hi.

  4. Oh wow - that is a lot.
    Thank you so much - that's actually really helpful. Since i've gotten on the forum i've been wondering if fibromyalgia might be something i have, and thats what i was wondering if you had as well.

    We do have a lot of the same symptoms :O except that I don't have any skin symptoms. Thanks again.

    How have you been lately?
  5. Hi there (: I was just wondering what your full diagnosis was? if you don't mind discussing it, that is.
    When I described my symptoms you mentioned it was almost like describing yours, so I was just curious to see because of the similarities.
    Thanks - hope you're doing well.
  6. Oh...woops, I didn't realize it was so hard to see. It's an angel - one white wing, one black.
    Here's a bigger picture of it so you can see better -

    I'm glad somebody finds me funny! Yes, I do tend to crack a few jokes to try and cheer people up and make light of the situation. Like you said, better than crying- and lots more fun!
  7. i am wondering, what is the picture in your avatar?
    i am enjoying your humour.
    it is good to laugh.
    better than crying.....thats for sure
  8. Thanks so much for the welcome I was really glad to find that I didn't have to be diagnosed to be so welcomed into the community!
  9. i thought i would say, hi.
    this site is for anyone who is looking......
    being diagnosed is not a prerequisite to be here.
    so welcome.
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