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  1. Lately everything sucks and I am just drained. Mostly my own fault. But Im not looking forward to throwing my legs into the pit next week when I have to walk all around campus, not just my little school.
  2. Yeah, I don't drink much caffeine either (except, I suppose, green tea has some in it), but it helps sometimes. I didn't know excedrin had caffeine in it - thats interesting.
    Ugh, inflammation sucks.
    Pain sucks.
    Lupus sucks! Gah! This sucks!
  3. The caffeine usually helps my headaches, though I dont usually drink a lot of it. I take excedrin which has it in it, but it hasn't been helping much this week. Rheum said I have active inflammation which in my opinion must be in my brain (joking lol) because my head is the only thing thats hurting at all.
  4. Ugh... I hate those headaches. I used to have that happen to me a lot - thankfully they don't last as long for me now. Have you tried drinking coffee? Just something weird that sometimes helps my headaches. I hope it goes away soon.
  5. I always get sick from my boyfriend too. I went to lunch with my friend today which was nice. I've had a headache for DAYSSS. It wont go away.
  6. Tired Sucks.
    My boyfriend's sick, which sucks, because it means ill be sick soon too...but, for twice as long, and probably worse than he is. Stupid immune system.
  7. Just
  8. Hey!
    I'm checking in on you (:
    How are you?
  9. Problem solved lol
  10. I apparently can't send you any messages because "ritzbit has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space". Awwww
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