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  1. I wanna be a tiger! *roars*

    I love walking through the neighborhoods and house watching. (that makes it sound as if they!). Some of them are just so gorgeous and nice to look at and dream about - even if it is just a pipe dream

    You did accept it - yay!
    And as far as dreaming of have no idea! I've been eating mainly rice cakes and yogurt for the past few days, and the first thing I see every morning when I turn on my computer is this recipe for Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes... Gahhhh! So tempting!

    I'm, you know, pretty good. Having one of those sticky, slightly worse than yesterday days. Could be much worse - if only it weren't so darn HOT.
  2. Muahaha...I'm catching up to you in animal size!! I know you probably don't care, but it's a victory for me, so woo!

    Just poppin' in to see how you're doing (:
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